Electric Motorbikes

Electic Motorbikes on the race track

The plans for a global electric motorcycle championship have been effectless so far. In 2019, the FIM Moto-E World Cup is going to start.

In the United States, eMotoRacing kicked off its first season in 2014. The schedule for 2018 includes 10 events.

With the Agni X01 electric bike the Isle of Man TT course

Still available:
Victory Empulse

Brammo Empulse eBike
Credits: Brammo/Polaris

After Polaris liquidate Victory Motorcycles in early 2017, the electric bike Empulse could survive. It is supposed that Polaris will continue the sustainable electric part of the business.

The challenger:
Energica Ego

Energica Ego
Credits: Energica
The italian Energica Ego will be used in FIM Moto-E World Cup in a tuned version.